MMML Files

This collection of files is an archive that was collected in the late 80's and early 90's, as part of the Mostly MIDI Mailing List.

If you click on a filename below, it will (if it is a text file) just be displayed in your browser. If you want to download a file in the list, use "shift-click" (in Netscape) or "right-click" (in Explorer) on the filename, and you will be given a chance to save it to your local disk.

0Lgrammar.srcprogram that generates generations of a 0L grammar.
cmu.toolkitdescription of the CMU MIDI Toolkit
icmc.1989ICMC (computer music conference) program from 1989
tx81z.zippublic domain TX81Z editor for PC-compatibles sequencer for the Atari ST
amiga.smus.uusong files for the Amiga in SMUS format
atariplay.zooSMF player for the Atari
bandinbox.infoMessages and info on Band-in-a-Box
bigfib.srcenhanced version of 0Lgrammar.src (see above)
blaster.infoprogramming information on the Sound Blaster
blaster.unix.gzUNIX device driver for the Sound Blaster
cake.formatdescription of Cakewalk ASCII file format
cake2midifile.uuprogram for converting Cakewalk files to SMF for the CZ101
cz101.sysexdescription of sysex for CZ101
czdx.READMEdescription of programs that follow ST programs
czdx.dx.uufor DX7 and CZ101
czdx.src.uupatch generation
czmidiguideguide to MIDI for Casio CZ* owners
devsmidi.tarUNIX MPU device driver, streams-based version of /dev/midi
drummer.zipdemo of Drummer software (PC)
ds8lib.basBASIC patch librarian for Korg DS-8
dw8000.patchespatches for the Korg DW-8000
dw8000infoDW-8000 sysex and other info
dx11lib.zipDX11 librarian
esq1.patchesESQ1 patches
fb01.sysexdescription of sysex for Yamaha FB-01
forte2midifile.uuprogram that converts SMFs to FORTE I or II
freq.ccomputes frequecies of an arbitrary equally tempered scale
general.mididescription of General MIDI standard
glib3.zipsource code of glib librarian (TX81Z) for MS Windows 3.1
grounding.infoinformation on AC grounding problems and solutions
ieee.task.forceinfo on IEEE Task Force on Computer-Generated Music
jx8plib.basicGW-BASIC JX-8P librarian
k1patches2.mdx.uuKawai K1 sound library in MIDIEX format
keyscreen.psPostscript of Keynote screen dump
mac.lowcost.stuffsummary of low cost items for Macs
macmidi.srcsource for driving Mac MIDI interface
macmuse.macalgorithmic generator for Mac
mc.music1music files for the "mc" program (see below)
mc.music2music files for the "mc" program (see below)
mc.src.sharmusic description language
mf2rol.srcprogram that translates SMF to .ROL format
mft.sharsoftware for manipulating ASCII representation of SMFs
microtune.doc.uuprimer on microtuning
microtune.src.uuprograms for microtuning, companion to microtune.doc fantastic introduction to MIDI
midi.booksbibliography of books on MIDI, computers, music
midi.guitarscollection of messages about MIDI guitars
midi.lightingmessages about MIDI-controlled lighting
midi.timecodedescription of MIDI Time Code spec
midibios.doca proposal for a standard MIDI API
midibios.uue.uuexample of MIDI API for DOS and the Byte MIDI board
midibnfBNF grammar for MIDI
midiex.zipPC program for sysex transfer
midiex.src.uusource for midiex
midifile.srcsource code for reading and writing SMFs
midifileformatdescription of Standard MIDI File format
midiformatsnetnews articles about various MIDI formats
midiintroThe USENET MIDI Primer
midimergecollection of messages about MIDI merging
midimon.exe.uuMIDI data monitor (for PC+MPU)
midimon.srcsource for MIDI data monitor
midimovr.zipprogram to convert Hybrid Arts' .SNG files to/from SMFs
midimsgchartchart of MIDI message types
midiplay.dos.uuPC program for playing SMFs
midiscan.reviewa review of the MidiScan (sheet music to MIDI) software MIDI sequencer for Atari ST
music.storeslisting of music stores, with comments
music.tjt1.sharSMF for Autograph, by Tim Thompson
music.tjt2.uuSMF for Group Effort, by Tim Thompson
music.tjt3.sharSMF for State Machine, by Tim Thompson
musicbox.zipPC program for realtime algorithmic manipulation
musicmouse.rvwreview of Music Mouse program
notation.softwareinformation about music notation software
nthroot.ccalculates the nth root of a base
organ.pedalshow to build an organ pedal MIDI controller
pmc.music1music for "pmc" program (see below)
pmc.music2music for "pmc" program
pmc.srcpolyrhythmic version of "mc" (see above)
pzm.microphonePhil Rastocny's PZM microphone modification
r50-mt32.uuKawai R50 sysex for matching MT32 drum assignments
ravel.languagedescription of Ravel algorithmic music language
ravel.zipRavel source code
raveldoc.zipRavel documentation
ravelutl.zipRavel utilities
recording.tipstips on recording techniques
review.dcm100review of DCM100 (Tascam?) rackmount MIDI-controller mixer
rhythmaid.srcutility for computing beats-per-note
roland.mps.fmtdescription of Roland MPU Song File Format
sample.dumpdescription of MIDI Sample Dump Standard
sk1midimoddescription of MIDI modification for Casio SK-1
smus.formatdescription of SMUS format
tab.zipThe Anything Box, algorithmic realtime processing for PC
tapesynctipstape syncronization tips
team.metlay.ballistic.storyinteresting story of Team Metlay recording session
texture.zooprogram for dumping Texture sequencer files
tx8lib.ziplibrarian/editor for TX81Z
tx8lib.baslibrarian/editor for TX81Z
unix.devmidiUNIX device driver for MPU-compatible MIDI interfaces pages for Peter Langston's UNIX MIDI utilities
unixarc.tar.gzsource code for UNIX version of "arc"
unzip.shar.gzsource code for UNIX version of "unzip"
utils.maccollection of Macintosh utilities (uuencode/uudecode/etc)
yamaha.sy77description of Yamaha SY77