An album of original music. A melodic blend of rock, new age, jazz, and algorithmic composition.

Only Takes a Second
The first tracks for a second CD.

Before CDs there were cassettes. These are recordings from a cassette called Octave++ that I did in 1994.

This was a yearly gathering of people playing experimental music, organized by Wayne Jackson and a lot of other very dedicated and talented people, mostly from the Silicon Valley area.

This is a list of programming languages used for music.

MMML File Archive
The Mostly MIDI Mailing list (MMML) was in existence from the mid-1980's, originally started inside AT&T and Bell Labs. This is an archive of files collected as part of the MMML.

MMML Tapes
Five cassette tapes containing the original music of the MMML members, put together in the late 1980's and early 1990's. Here you'll find MP3 files and very detailed liner notes for all the music. The liner notes contain lots of technical details about the equipment that was used, and provide an interesting snapshot of that era.

Autopilot is a composition I did for the second round of the "Dare to Fail" project, and this is a detailed description of the process I followed when composing it using KeyKit.

My page on SoundCloud.

I was a member of dud, an improvisational group of musicians led by Herb Heinz. It gave me an opportunity to start doing visuals, and was very creatively inspiring. The link above takes you to a YouTube channel with lots of videos. The website is no longer running, but the Wayback Machine lets you view it here.

Tune Toys
A collection of web-based algorithmic composition toys.