Space Palette
There are two versions, the original Space Palette Classic and the new Space Palette Pro. The Classic first appeared at Burning Man 2012. At Burning Man 2013 a tent filled with four mini Space Palettes appeared. Since then the Space Palette has been there a few more times, with both versions appearing together at Burning Man 2019. A special treat in 2019 was the opportunity to play the Space Palette Pro projected onto a 70-foot high pyramid.

Monolith 2.0
This ambitious installation was created for Burning Man 2009. It was an 11-foot high monolith with dual feature-rich 5-track MIDI loopers and a blackboard.

The original software that lead to the Space Palette.

LoopyCam is a handheld live visual performance instrument to accompany music and dance performances.

Finger Painting with Planets
An interactive installation using FingerWorks iGesture multitouch pads in a custom-built controller.

Finger Fresco
Finger Fresco is an interactive installation using FingerWorks iGesture multitouch pads.

Dancing Under the Stars of Lyra
For Burning Man 2003, I built a big MIDI-controlled lyre.

Radio Free Quasar
For Burning Man 2004, my project was an antique radio which received emissions from nearby quasars (quasi-stellar radio sources).